The Beauty of Family Stories

Since I began to blog about Colonel Thorn, I have been contacted by relatives from America, France and Ireland. I’d like to welcome them to my journey, and thank them, not only for getting in touch, but for sharing some of their personal archival material. From the Mansfield/de Ferussac connection through Alice Thorn in Ireland, to the de Prin’s (de Tourdonnet’s) in France and Switzerland, and the Van Epps and Van Slyck’s on the American side, I have been delighted by each encounter. Maybe one of the most important and positive things to come from this project will be the connecting of family.

Below is a photo of Etienne and Jane Mary (Thorn). I’m quite intrigued as to why none of the women are looking at the camera, and the nanny is behind the hedge. I’m not sure which of the sons is Henri and which is Herman; I’m assuming Herman is in uniform.

Etienne and Jane Mary de Pierres with their children, Jeanne-Marie, Henri Stephane, and Herman Fortune

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