Program from Franz Liszt’s Concert

Thanks to my cousin Henri, I have begun to scour collectible sites and have unearthed some absolute gems.

The first one I would like to share is the actual handwritten program (broadside) from the night Liszt played at Colonel Thorn’s salon. You may remember that the concert was to raise funds for an impoverished German orchestra who had fallen on hard times in Paris.

The dealer, Schubertiade, describes the content as:

The program consisted of works performed with members of the orchestra and solo pieces performed by Liszt, including “Choeurs de Weber,” “Reminiscence de Don Juan,” “Es lebt eine Ratt im Kellernest,” Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” Liszt’s arrangement of “Erlkönig,” “Rheinweinlied,” and concluding with a performance of the “Fantasie on the motifs of Robert le Diable”.

…[The performance] took place at the salon of Colonel Thorn, one of the most lavish party-givers in Paris, and it had been organized by seven leading aristocratic women of various nationalities.” 

How wonderful to see. I wonder who actually wrote the note?

Franz Liszt

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