Epsicopalian Services at Colonel Thorn’s

All recounts of the origin of the American Cathedral in Paris suggest that it grew out of the Episcopalian services that Colonel Thorn hosted at Rue de Varenne. In an earlier post, I mentioned that there was some suggestion that the Colonel employed an English minister to bring some Godliness to his house because of the reprehensible behaviour of his children. Reverend Warner also served as a tutor to the same children.

Chaplains themselves were often poorly paid and had uncertain future prospects. In most places in Europe, American Episcopalian travellers and residents attended the English chaplaincies, but in a few key locations they founded their own churches. The earliest of these was in Paris, where services were held in various locations, notably at the home of a wealthy American resident, Colonel Herman Thorn, until Holy Trinity church was consecrated in 1864. It moved to a larger building in 1886, which eventually in 1922 became the pro-cathedral for American Episcopalians in Europe. Scott states that the services at Thorn’s home began in 1847, whereas the American Cathedral’s website dates their commencement to the 1830s. 

After Church at the American cathedral in Paris

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