Eugenie, Napoleon and their Entourage

It was exciting to discover this image of Napoleon and Eugenie and their attendants taken in 1860. Thanks to Henri de Fraville, I have this information about the photo:

Photograph attributed to Adolphe BRAUN (1812-1877) and entitled “La Cour Impériale à Fontainebleau, June 24, 1860” published in the review “Le Point, artistic and literary review” n° 53-54 of January 1958.
“The Second Empire is watching you”. 

In this famous photograph of the time are precisely indicated all the names of the people forming the Court of Napoleon III. In addition to the Emperor, Empress and Prince Imperial, we will note here the presence of two of our ancestors: At n° 28, Marc Edgar Joseph BOURDON de VATRY (1828-1891) and at n° 37, his future wife Jeanne Marie Camille de VARAIGNE du BOURG (1838-1892), whom he married the following year. Copies of this photograph are kept at the châteaux of Compiègne and Fontainebleau. 

Sadly Jane and Etienne de Pierres are not in the photo. I know Jane asked Eugenie for a leave of absence for her health. Perhaps it was during this time.

Emperor Napoleon III of France, his only son (seated in boat), with the Empress Eugenie and their attendants.

A colourised version

Also thanks thanks to Henri, I can show you exactly where the photo was taken. See below the drawing/map and a photo.


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