Alice, Ida and Ellen Thorn in Central Park

I discovered this delightful despcription of Alice, Ellen, and Ida Thorn being observed in their carriage as it tooled around Central Park. This was six years after the Colonel had died. Interesting to hear that Napoleon 111 was annoyed by the Colonel’s flashy livery.

French Landau

Central Park 1865

The married daughters of the late Colonel Thorne follow in a beautiful Landau. Colonel Thorne was the first of the Americans to show the French the equine superiority of our stock on the continent of Europe. A story is afloat that he incurred the Emperor’s dislike by outranking habitually the Imperial livery and postillions. His horses were the most wonderful trotters ever beheld on the Champs Elysee, and his former residence, now the possession of his family in Sixteenth street, west of Fifth Avenue, is one of the grandest private buildings in New York. In the Landau are the Colonel’s daughters, Mrs. Kirkland, Mrs. Fox, and the Countess de Ferussac. Sometimes they take the reins, but just now are cosily reclining on their cushions. To these, as to most who appear here, both hemispheres are known. Nobody need expect to see abroad better processions of speed and style than the Central Park reveals.

French Livery 1820-35

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