Gabriel Henry Manigault

I discovered excerpts from an autobiography (1887- 97) by Gabriel Henry Manigault who says his uncle was the only one present at the marriage of Herman Thorn and Jane Mary Jauncey.

Col Thorne had been in early life a paymaster in the Navy, and of obscure birth. He made a runaway marriage with the daughter of a Mr Jauncey, who was possessed of great wealth, all of which eventually came into his possession by the death of his eldest son, to whom it had been left by will. My fathers brother was the only witness, I believe, at the marriage ceremony, and, in 1835-36, while our family were in Paris Col Thorne, who was there also and living in great style, was quite civil to them. He was a striking specimen of the gentleman of the old school when I saw him in Newport, and he had with him his two youngest daughters who were very beautiful. He had run through the greater part of his fortune then and seemed soured at the necessaity of living in a modest way at an indifferent hotel. He complained of the exorbitent fees that servants expected before they would attend properly to those who were at watering places 

I now need to find what their connection might have been. Manigaults were of Hugenot descent, born in Charleston, which makes me wonder if their acquaintance came from Jane’s side, seeing as the Jauncey’s had a history with the city. However, I did ascertain that the Manigault’s were often in New York during summer. It doesn’t take long for the same surnames to pop up.

Among the families with whom the Manigaults socialized were the Allens, Barclays, Bayards, Chews, Crugers, De Lanceys, Goolds, Hamiltons, Izards, Jays, Kembles, LeRoys, Livingstons, Morrises, Pinckneys, Wattses, and Wraggs.

Owned by Gabirel Manigault Sr and brought from China 1820

Manigault also mentions being in Mr Corbin’s box at the opera and meeting the children of Mary (Madame de Varenne), which of course means Jeanne Marie and Theodore.

At the Italian opera one night in his box I met Miss Harriet Lane, the niece of Mr Buchanan, who was then American minster to London. I also frequently dined with him by invitation and on one occasion met at his house Miss Ridgway who afterwards married the Viconte de Ganet and two grandchildren of Colonel Thorne who has already been mentioned Three Misses Thorne married Frenchmen, and these were the son and daughter of one of them, Madame de Varennes.

Gabriel Edward Manigault

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