Eugene and Mary Thorn

Eugene Thorn was the youngest of the Colonel’s sons and is the only one to survive him. It was wonderful to discover him in the portrait with the Colonel and his youngest daughters, Ida and Ellen. From what I can tell he was a graduate of Columbia University and a Captain in the Army. He married Mary Hyslop on October 1st 1856, and I have seen his name mentioned in a few places: in census stats, in Mrs Thorn’s will; and in connection with visiting Pequot House after his mother died. He is the son that stayed at home near his parents. I would think that losing four older bothers must have had a huge impact on his life and choices. The excerpt below gives some context to his wife’s life, and the family connection with Washington Irving.

Robert Hystop is dead. He was an old merchant of New York. He died March 18th, 1863. He was born in 1787. He was first in business with Irving & Smith, auctioneers, at 142 Pearl street, as early as 1812, when the firm became Irving, Smith & Hystop. His partner was a brother of Washington Irving. They afterwards changed their business to hardware importing. Mr. Hystop did a very heavy hardware business for many years, under the name of Robert Hystop & Son. He was much esteemed by every one who knew him. For twenty years he was a vestryman of Trinity Church. He had a fine family of children. I believe there were four sons and five daughters. The sons, unless I am mistaken, are all dead. The daughters are married. One married Milton Berger. One married Mr. Brush. One married Edward S. Mesier, a son of old Peter A. Mesier. After his death, I think she married a Mr. Livingston. One married lawyer Graham, David, I think. Mary married Eugene Thorn, a son of Colonel Herman Thorn.

Eugene Thorn with his father and sisters

Hyslop carried on a hardware, cutlery and saddlery business on his own account at 140 Pearl Street. In 1834 he took in his son William … His youngest daughter Mary married Eugene Thorn

Mary was clearly a belle, and is spoken of glowingly in what now reads as a rather nauseating snapshot of her attributes.

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