The Grange

There is a reference to the Thorns living in Hamilton’s home for a short time, but I have not been able to verify it. I wonder if this is a case of mis-remembering, or if they were really there? This would have been through the period they were living on Apthorpe farm on the Upper West side. So, pre-1830.

Alexander Hamilton and family also owned and occupied a house in this charming suburb called ”The Grange.” It was subsequently occupied by Herman Thome, who had married Miss Jane Mary Jauncey, a wealthy heiress of New York. He lived in this house only a few years when he went with his wife to reside in Paris during the reign of Louis Philippe. Mr. Thome became the most prominent American resident there and excited the envy of many of his countrymen by his lavish expenditure of money. His daughters made foreign matrimonial alliances. He was originally from Schenectady, for a time was a purser in the U. S. Navy, and was remarkable for his handsome presence and courtly bearing.

The Grange pre-1889

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