The Barili-Thorn Fiasco in Lima, Peru

I’ve mentioned the story of how Alfred Thorn was arrested in Lima for stabbing a man to defend his wife’s honour. Here is a newspaper account of the event, with some new information.

It would seem that theirs was a very tempestuous relationship, fraught with jealousy and complicated by Clotilde’s artistic temperament. A contretemps had already occurred in California, when the Barili-Thorne theatre company had been performing there. I’ll share that story soon… it seems that someone tried to shoot someone else, and Clotilde didn’t turn up to perform and owed money.

This Lima incident took place two years before Alfred’s death, and erupted because of a rivalry between Italian and Spanish artists from competing theatre companies. Alfred did not see gaol time, but was placed under house arrest. I wonder what his parents thought, and whether they tried to intervene to help him?

After Alfred’s death (1854), Clotilde quickly remarried Charles Scola, a singer in their company, but by then her health was very poor and she died in 1856 from Tuberculosis.

The famous Adelina Patti, Clotilde’s half sister

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