Original Thorn Family Portrait

I am BEYOND excited to share with you a glimpse at the original Thorn family portrait painted by G.P.A. Healy in 1851. Until today (3 plus years into the research), I had only seen an old black and white photo of it in the Frick photo archives. And I had no idea who the current owner was. I even considered the fact that the original may have been destroyed.

Then, this week, descendants of GPA Healy made contact to say that they own it still. In time, they will send me a front on picture of it hanging on the wall. But for now… feast your eyes!!!!

It’s the little things that have so much impact: the colour and design of the carpet, the style of Herman’s shoes, the simplicity of the jewellery, the pink ribbon on the white dress, and the richly coloured background.

What a wonderful day on this journey! More to come on this soon.


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