The Arts

This page is devoted to the writers, artists, and sculptors with whom Colonel Thorn interacted, gave patronage to, commissioned, or had some affect upon them, and the works they created.

  • Paul Gayrard (sculptor)
  • GPA Healy (portrait painter)
  • Theodore Fay (writer)

GPA Healy

George Healy was a famous and prolific portrait painter of the early nineteenth century. He is most well known for his renditions of politicians and beautiful women.

Baroness Jane de Pierres and daughter,
Jeanne Marie (courtesy of Newberry Library, Chicago)
The Misses Thorn (Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco)
Herman Thorne, Ida, Ellen and unknown man, possibly Eugene.

Paul Gayrard

Paul Gayrard was a a French sculptor born in 1807. He created this beautiful bronze of Jane Thorn de Pierres.

Jane Mary Thorn de Pierres, immortalised on horseback by Gayrard

Theodore Fay, sponsored by Herman Thorn, penned this novel.

Written by Theodore Fay, editor of the New York broadsheet of the times