Hi, I’m Marianne de Pierres, science fiction and crime author, content creator, university tutor and lecturer, amongst other things.

Dr Marianne de Pierres

This website is a passion project, a public way of organising my research into the Thorn family who were my direct ancestors. I add information when I have a chance and have been thrilled to have met a lot of relatives because this blog exists.

You can read how the Thorns caught my imagination in the first place, and why, three years in, I still get terribly excited when I find a new piece of the puzzle. Mostly, I am curious about the Colonel’s patronnage of the Arts and culture, a concept that I believe is sadly underrated in the current world climate.

The Thorns lived a wildy flamboyant and extravagant lifestyle that is said to have eclipsed the Kings of Europe – Gatsby-esque, but a hundred years earlier. The family experienced the absolute highs and lows that life can offer: wealth, brilliant and unforgettable balls, travel, a large family, litigation, death of children by drowning, elopement and the disgrace of a daughter.

It will, in time, make for a compelling read.

Anyway, welcome! Have a look around. Feel free to drop me a line through the contact page.

best wishes