Thorn family – the Next Generation

In my research, I have come across some snippets about Herman Thorn’s grandchildren. I thought I would collect them in one post, and will continue to add to this as I find more.

Jane Mary Jauncey Cruger

Jane Cruger (Jacqueline Dunn’s ancestor) is the daughter of James Jauncey and Therese von Leykam. She married Eugene Cruger, son of John Church Cruger and here is a description of her from a stat dec. Together they had three children, and then after Eugene’s death, she married Charles Carroll Livingston (descended from the Kings of England – Henry 111 and Edward 1). After her second husband died, she donated a fountain to Long Acre Square, which was renamed Times Square.

Donated by Jane Mary Jauncey Kruger Livingston to the State of New York

Francis DePau

Francis de Pau was son of Angelina Jauncey Thorn and Louis dePau, and met a sadly untimely death. In a strange coincidence, he was admitted to the wing of the New York Hospital that was the former Thorn residence.

Coroner Brady was called yesterday to hold an inquest on Francis H. Depau, who died In the Roosevelt Hospital on Friday from the effect of a fall. As he was about to enter his carriage at Seventh avenue and Thirty ninth street, the horses started, and Mr. Depau was thrown to the ground with such violence that his skull was fractured.

Mr. Depau was a grandson of the late Colonel Herman Thorn. His mother was Angelina Chauncey [Jauncey] Thorn, who married Louis A. Depau, an attache of the Court of Napoleon III. Three of Mrs De-pau’s sisters also married titled Frenchmen, and were ladies In-waiting to the Empress Eugenie. Mr. Depau was twenty-eight years of age, and wealthy.

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