Letters from Louis-Napoleon and Eugenie to Jane Thorne

Oh to be able to afford all of these! Found them on Le Manuscrit Francais.

It seems that Eugenie and Jane were close, and that Jane a had a great affection for young Louis Napoleon as well.

The last two letters are to Jane’s daughter Jeanne Marie, and appears to mention a romance of some kind. It could the precursor to the duel and scandal of 1877.

I’ll tell you more about that in the next post!

EUGÉNIE, de Montijo, Impératrice (1826-1920)

Autograph letter signed « Eugénie » on mourning paper to Jane Thorne.
St Cloud, le 26 septembre 1860, 2 p. 1/8 in-8, enveloppe autographe jointe

“I am so under the painful impression of loss that I have just made that it seems to me that I am coming out of a painful sleep”EUR 850,-

EUGÉNIE, de Montijo, Impératrice (1826-1920)

Autograph letter signed « Eugénie » on mourning paper to Jane Thorne.
Chislehurst, [9 February 1873], 4 p. in-8, envelope included

“I can no longer look back, I dare not look forward, my horizon is lost in this painful present”EUR 3.500,-

Empress Eugenie de Montijo

EUGENIE, de Montijo, Impératrice (1826-1920)

Telegram under her usual pseudonym “Countess of Pierrefonds” to Jeanne de Pierres
September 7, 1876, envelope attached

“My son and I are sadly affected and take a deep part in your pain”

PRINCE IMPÉRIAL, Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte (1856-1879)

Autograph letter signed « N » to Jeanne de Pierres.
Florence, 23 February 1876[77], 1 p. in-8 on double sheet, autograph envelope attached

“I beg you to remember that he is a man who has sincerely loved you and who would be proud to pay with his blood the price of your honor”EUR 1.200,-

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