The Jauncey Privateers

This post is devoted to the details I have been able to find about the privateers (sloops, schooners and brigatines) owned by James and John Jauncey when they came from Bermuda to New York.

As I researched, I found a long explanation of how James Jauncey fell into a propaganda battle with a Livingston over political office. It’s an interesting story and I’ll post about it soon. Especially as later generations of the Livingstons intermarried with the Thorns. Seeing as Jauncey and Livingston also owned a sloop together at one stage, I’m guessing there was a huge falling out that lead to all the mudslinging.

For context, James Jauncey senior was Jane Mary (Jauncey) Thorn’s grandfather. His success was the basis of Herman Thorn’s fortune.


Confirmation that James Jauncey owned the following sloops can be found in numerous places, but is mentioned here in the Jauncey’s of New York by by Joseph Outerbridge Brown.

Now, here are the short notes I’ve found on the sloops:

Oliver Cromwell

16 guns. 140 men. Commander John Nicoll. Owners James Jauncey and John Alsop jr.


Livingston and Jauncey obtained a permit to arm the privateer (schooner) America with ten guns and twenty five men in 1758. Signed by New York Govenor, James de Lancey. Commander, Richard Hale

Mary and Ann

Sloop. 8 guns. Commander James Hayt jr.

Lord Howe

Sloop. 10 guns. Commander John Hendy. Owner James Jauncey.

Good Intent

Sloop. Captain Jauncey, master, 1747. Lady Price died on board at age 27. Wife of the LT Govenor of Jamaica. She had 3 children.

Then later: Commander Samuel Wingood. Owners James Jauncey and Nicholas Gourveneur


1759, schooner, 10 guns. John Crew Commander. Owner James Jauncey.

Other sloops mentioned below were owned by either John or their cousin (?) Joseph:

John Jauncey commanded a privateer, LINCOLN, of 14-guns in 1743. That ship was lost, but he returned in a French prize, ANNUNCIATION, in 1746. He and John Lawrence, another New York merchant, owned the privateer, CHARMING SALLY, of 26-guns, in 1756-1758. The ship’s captain was George Harison [Harris]. John subsequently owned many privateers, including MARY ANN, another CHARMING SALLY, of 12-guns, ROYAL HUNTER, SALLY, and POLLY. During this time and after he also captained merchant ships. He lived in Jamaica, Long Island. He married Margaret Heyder in 1764. He died in the winter of 1767/8. His children were John (1738), Joseph (1744), Cornelius, and Sarah.


1746: a French ship taken by John Jauncey and Rofewell.

Royal Hunter

John Jauncey, commander of the private ship of war called the Hunter. 16 Guns, 140 men.

Charming Sally

John Jauncey and John Lawrence, New York merchants owned a succession of 26 gun privateers called Charming Sally. Commander Joseph Dwight. Commander Richard Harris.


John Jauncey owner of brigatine. 6 guns. Commander Isaac Sheldon.

Mary Ann (snow)

John Shoals, 30 guns. Owners Thomas Vardill and John Jauncey.

Charming Peggy

The brig Charming Peggy, Captain Joseph Jauncey, in October, 1776, seized a small vessel and having a cargo of provisions. 12 carriage and 12 swivel guns and 35 men.

General Washington

CT privateer sloop, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt R. Reynolds. shows Capt as J. Jauncey. 1776: Richard Elmes late Chief Mate, George Penguilly Second Mate of the Snow Friendship, Richard Sainthill Master – bound from London to New York, Captured by the Private Sloop of War called the Washington Commanded by Joseph Jauncey

General McDougall
former British ship Jonathan captured by Americans in an armed schooner and the brig General Washington and fitted out as an armed merchantman, then recaptured by the British Diamond 7in May 1778. 10 guns, 30 men, Capt Joseph Jauncey, Apr 1778 (Record 692).C165, at the time of capture, Capt Jauncey was taken to Halifax.

10 Jun 1799 off Palma Bay, in pursuance of orders from Captain Halsted, of the Phoenix, proceeded off Palma Bay and discovered a number of vessels standing into the bay, with a light air at east. The Ethalion being becalmed, hoisted out her boats and sent them, under Lieutenants Pym and Jauncey, to endeavour to cut them off from Palma Bay. After a long and fatiguing row they took possession of 2 brigs and 5 tartans, from Barcelona, laden with wheat and sheep for Majorca.

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