Image of Clot(h)ilde Barili Thorne found!

With many, many thanks to the amazing Harvard Library, I managed to secure the only image around of Clot(h)ilde Barili Thorn(e) – a digital copy of a lithograph from 1854 by F. (Francis) D’Avignon.

I am ecstatic to finally see her, and feel very fortunate to have had so many wins in the last week or so in my research. This image refers to her playing the role of Marie de Rohan.

Clothilde de Barili Thorne – accessed from TCS 43 (Folder 87), Houghton Library, Harvard University

Clot(h)ilde is very beautiful and I can see why Alfred gave up everything and opposed his family to be with her. Sadly, their elopement and marriage ended in tragedy, and history does not look favourably on their match. Anecdotes from the time suggest she was cruel to him. He certainly was passionate about her and her reputation as is apparent in the Lima affair.

Clot(h)ilde remarried quickly to Carlos Scola after Alfred’s death. As a woman in her time that is hardly surprising, but adds to the picture painted by others about her motives.

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