The Lost Portraits

According to Jane Mary Jauncey Thorn’s last will and testament, there are some paintings I have not been able to find. It is my deepest wish to at least sight a photo of the originals some day. Any help in tracking them down is greatly appreciated:

Princess Esterhazy’s natural pearl tiara
  • Madame de Varaigne and Child – I have searched and searched for this one, and cannot find any mention of it. I’m just not sure what forums to visit to put out word that I’m looking for it. I have emailed a few auction houses, but haven’t had any replies. This is something that I would LOVE to find.
  • Small portraits of Herman and Jane Thorn. I assume these are the ones of which I have the black and white photos, but I have no idea how big they are or who owns them.
  • Three miniatures of Herman, James and Alfred (I’m pretty sure that these are the copper engravings. If so then they are accounted for, and still in the family!)
  • Portrait of Eugene’s Grandmother and Uncle (Now, does this mean William and Elizabeth Jauncey? They were both Aunt (not grandmother) and Uncle. Or are they the Thorn’s side? If it is the Thorn side, they don’t seem to get much of a mention in any articles written about the Thorn family in New York. However, it could refer to Helena Thorn, Eugene’s paternal grandmother, and Jonathon Thorn, his uncle)

I also believe that Jane Mary Jauncey Thorn’s tiara was quite spectacular and rivalled that of the Princess Esterhazy. Would love to know where that ended up!

Prince and Princess Esterhazy

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