Letters of Elizabeth J Knox

Below is a interesting glimpse into the Victorian mind with a mention of Colonel Thorn’s upcoming ball, and the American’s in Paris by Elizabeth J Knox in her letters. They make for such fascinating reading as they reveal the gossip and cultural beliefs of the time. In one letter I read, she spoke of a friend whose baby had red hair. The woman was so mortified, that she had it all cut off.

There is to be a great fancy ballgiven by Colonel Thom, an American, on Monday. Tne Stronges and Aunt James have been trying to get an invitation, but they have not as yet succeeded. Lady ?? , who is sixty-five, is going as Anne Boleyn. Somebody said she had chosen a most appropriate character, as by doing so she showed that she had lost her head!

The other night I was at General Cass’ for the first time, and I was very much amused with the unusual appearance of the Americans, who certainly do not seem blest with what Byron calls the fatal gift of beauty. Never did I see such a collection of plain faces as there was amongst the men. As to the ladies I was rather disappointed, as I had heard a great deal of American beauty. The prettiest girl there was Miss Thorn, a daughter of Colonel Thorn who, you may remember, used to give such magnificent balls, and she was dancing with , the dentist!

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