I’ve put together a handy time line guide to the key people and events in this story. This may help separating the generations, which become very confusing when first name are repeated. If you spot any errors, please drop me a line! **The line spaces separate either generations or groups.

  • James Jauncey Sr born in Bermuda, loyalist, merchant ship owner
  • Mary (Smith) Jauncey b. 1721; d. 1788; m. James Jauncey
  • John Jauncey Sr born in Bermuda, captain of the merchant fleet

Jauncey Children

  • William Jauncey b.1744; d.1828 died without children
  • James Jauncey Jr b.1747; d.1777; m. Eleanor Elliot 1773; died without children
  • Mary Jauncey died without children about 1821
  • (Thomas?) John Jauncey Jr b. 1755 approx; d. after 1790 father of Jane Mary

  • Herman Thorn(e) b.24/12/1783; d. 31/7/1859
  • Jane Mary (Jauncey) Thorn(e) b. 1790; d. 2/10/1873 m. Herman Thorn(e) 1 Oct 1810 by Rev. Mr. Strebeck

Thorn Children

  • William Jauncey Thorn (Jr) b. 9/7/1811; d. 19/11/1830
  • Angelina Jauncey Thorn b. 1813; d.1877
  • James Jauncey Thorn b. 1814; d.1845
  • Mary Jane Jauncey Thorn b. 1816; d.1866
  • John Jauncey Thorn b. 1818; d.1819
  • Jane Mary Thorn b.1821; d.1873
  • Herman Thorn (Jr) b. 1823; d.1849
  • Alice Thorn b. 1825; d.1874
  • Alfred Thorn b.1827; d.1854 
  • Zerlina Thorn b. 1829 approx.; d.1841
  • Eugene Thorn b. 1831; d.1876 
  • Ellen Thorn b. 1833 in Paris; d.1891
  • Ida Thorn b. 1835; d.1867 

Thorn Spouses

  • Therese Von Leykam b.1808 approx; d.1856 (m. 1834, James Jauncey Thorn)
  • Raymond Camille de Varaigne b.1809; d.1872 (m. 1832, Mary Jauncey Thorn)
  • Etienne de Pierres b.1809; d.1872 (m. 1842, Jane Mary Thorn)
  • Lewis (Louis) de Pau b.1815; d.22 Apr 1879 (m. 1835, to Angeline Thorn)
  • Amedee de Ferussac b.1817; d.1897 (m. 1845, Alice Thorn)
  • Clotilde Barili b.1827; d.1856 (m. 1848, Alfred Thorn)
  • Mary Hyslop b.1831; d.1876 (m. Eugene Thorn)
  • Edward Kirkland b.1833; d.1891 (m. Ellen (Helen) Thorn)
  • Samuel Mickle Fox b.1835; d.1867 (m.1852 Mary Adele Livingston; m. Ida Thorn; m. Amelia de Pau – Ida’s niece)

Event Timeline

Herman and Jane elope to marry (1810)

Herman is court marshalled from the Navy (1816)

Thorn’s living with William Jauncey at 24 Broadway (1815-1828)

Thorn’s move to Apthorpe manor (1829-30)

Thorns leave New York for Europe (1830?)

Thorns in Tuscany (1830-31)

Thorns in Baden Baden (1834)

Thorns make a trip back to New York from on the Rhom/Rhone, leaving from Port of Le Havre (25th July, 1836)

Thorns in Paris (1831-46)

Grand Ball in Paris (1840)

Thorn’s return to New York on September 29th, 1845 and stay in New Rochelle

Herman Jr resigns from the Hussars and is accepted into the US Army. (1846)

Thorn’s move to Laight Street (1846-47)

Thorns move into 22 West Sixteenth (1847-48)