Charles Marville – photographer

Charles (Bossu) Marville was a French photographer famous for his images of the architecture of Paris in the Haussmann era. I found this image on an auction site, orginally given to Amedee and Alice (Thorn) de Ferussac in 1868. I’d love to know what the sculpture is and where it is kept. Marville’s work recorded aspects of Paris that are now lost forever.

Charles Marville

Charles Marville (1816-1879) – Sculpture albumen paper. – Workshop stamp

Tirage executed in 1868 in his studio in rue de l’Enfer.
Autograph dedication of the artist to Baron Amédée de Ferussac (1817 – 1897) and to his wife, Alice Thorn, lady of the palace of the Empress Eugenie. Illegible signature. (the dedication has been covered with white gouache).
Water wettings on the edge of the box.

Water marks on the margins of the cardboard.
Mount size 54.5 x 40.7 cm.


  1. Alice de Ferussac was not lady of the palace of empress Eugenie; her sister was, Mme de Pierre. Right? Best always. LFrey

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    • Hi Lorraine, I believe that Alice became a lady of the palace later on after Jane, but she wasn’t one at the time that Winterhalter painted the ladies in waiting.


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