James, Alfred, and Herman Thorn

I’ve known for a while that these engravings represented Herman and Alfred Thorn, but it was not until I recently read Jane Mary Jauncey Thorn’s will that I realised the third engraving is James Jauncey Thorn who married Therese von Leykam. It’ s one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed this research so much – finding pieces of the puzzle! The medallions were engraved by three different artists, who I have not been able to identify. Their names maybe misspelt: Pascal, G. de Nieuiverk, and J. Truleau

Herman Thorn by Pascal

James Jauncey Thorn by G. de Nieuiverk 1839

Alfred Thorn by J. Truleau


    • Hi Jacqueline, I’ll publish the will excerpt soon and you can see the mention it. Also the only writing on that medallion that can be made out is the word “Leykam” – so that further suggests that it is James. At first I thought there were two likenesses of Alfred, but now I look closer they are two different men.


      • I’ve had her will on my Ancestry.com account for years..was always sorry that Jame’s children received nothing..and therefore no mention..I’m beyond thrilled to think another “lost” piece of family has reconnected..like a big jigsaw puzzle…$$ and jewels sic went to surviving children..none by per stripes…


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