Rossini and the ‘Millionaire Melomanists’

Colonel Thorn’s love affair with music had him dubbed one of the ‘millionaire melomanists’ (millionaire music lovers) for his involvement in having a statue built for Rossini when he was still alive. Below is lovely excerpt that discusses the debate over whether that was the right thing to do.


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  1. […] When you’re trying to recreate someone’s life, incidental anecdotes reveal a lot about their personality and their environment. This recount details how Colonel Thorn, not content with his second tier box at the Theatre Italien, was seeking to rent a first tier opera box from the Duc d’Osuma, who had returned to Spain. The first tier would offer higher social status and presumably better visibility. This is very in keeping with all his efforts to be accepted into French society. The Theatre Italien was notoriously diffcult to gain entrance to, if you were a foreigner. Interestingly, Rossini was the director of the theatre from 1820 – 1845 approx, and would explain the Colonel’s commitment to commissioning the sculpture that caused so much controversy. […]


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