Alice Thorn (de Ferussac) and Jane Mary Thorn (de Pierres)

Today, I was contacted by a new French cousin and descendant of Mary Jane Thorn. She owns this original painting of Alice and Jane Mary. I am so excited to see the real thing!

Most fascinating are the beautiful dresses and the expressions of the women. Jane (left) looks like she might have found posing in this manner most uncomfortable. Alice seems very poised and dignified.

Below the painting is a handwritten note stuck to the back, which explains who is in the picture. What a treasure from the past this is! I see a real resemblance to my niece in Jane Mary Thorn. The note says that Alice was born in 1823 (not 1825), which would make her birth year the same as her brother Herman junior’s. Looking at the spacing of the births, I’m guessing 1825 is correct, but I will do some investigating.

In the mean time, thank you to my new French cousins (including Serge) for this beautiful image.

I also found this nespaper mention. As it’s from 1836, I assume it relates to this painting and not the younger girls.

The Knickerbocker 1843: Mr. Healy has now a beautiful picture of two of Colonel Thorne’s daughters, which he is retouching, at his room. The attitudes, particularly that of the eldest of the young ladies, are very graceful, and the whole picture in very good taste.

Alice (Thorn) de Ferussac – R, and Jane Mary (Thorn) de Pierres – L


  1. Dear Marianne ,

    Happy new year . I think a lot about you s and your country . I know very well our cousins from Ferussac . Our father was very closed. Do you have the email of Lorraine FREY ? She is a Ferussac by her mother . All the best Yolande

    Envoyé de mon iPhone



  2. Thank you, Yolande, same to you. 🙂 I don’t think I have Lorraine’s contact. Would you be able to pass it on to me?


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