Ida Thorn

I’d like to thank Alba Campo Rosillo for alerting me to this copy of a painting of Ida Thorn by George Healey – one I have not previously a seen. The original was painted in 1853 (?) and was the provenance of Miss Angelica Livingston, New York, a granddaughter of Mr. Samuel M. Fox. Although Angelica died in 1959 , the painting remains in a private collection. It is entitled, Mrs. Samuel M. Fox (Ida Thorne).

I would LOVE to see the original and intend to try and track down the current owner for a colour photo. If anyone has any suggestion on how to do that, I’m all ears!

The Frick photoarchives also have records of the Colonel Thorn and Family portrait (unkown location), and Baroness de Pierres and Daughter (In Newberry Library, Chicago)

Ida Thorne 1853 by G.P.A. Healey


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