The Cruger Connection

Today Jacqueline shared with me this image of Euphemia White van Rensselaer (1842) painted by George Healey. Euphemia was John Church Cruger’s wife, and step-mother-in-law to Jane Mary Jauncey Cruger. Apparently Jackie Kennedy loved it so much she had it hanging in the Whitehouse. This was painted a year before she married Cruger, and her expression is enchantingly direct and bold.

With Jacqueline’s help I will explore more of the Cruger connection in time.


  1. I have this painting hanging in my home. A label on the back says “Mrs. Crurger by Healy” I bought it at a flea market for the frame and ended up loving the painting.


    • Hello Michael, this is amazing. Jacqueline will be thrilled. I can’t believe you bought it at a flea sale. It’s probably quite valuable. Have you had it authenticated? We’d love a photo of it, if you wouldn’t mind sharing.


      • I sent photo as a reply to your email. I could not post it in this format. If you did not receive it then give me a email to send it to. Mike Weaver


      • Luckily fellow.. I have a a picture w my cousin standing next to her at the Met.,they let him take the picture when he explained it was the portrait of his step grandmother…family connections bent the rules back in the day before cell phones and iPhoto


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